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Confessions of a NSA Guy #122

Gay App: Gentleman’s Code of Conduct

While on Grindr, Jack’d, A4A, Scruff, the list goes on; there is a certain code of conduct that gay men should abide by to actively and effectively get what they want, be it sex, friends, or a rare chance of a boyfriend.

1. Have an recent photo that reflects what you look like now.

There have been plenty of times when I’ve met up with someone who was using their high school pictures from five or six years ago and they look nothing like they do now. Not only is this a turn off but it’s a bit misleading. Also make sure that the photo you have on your profile reflects what you want. There have been plenty of guys who are in their underwear who have a headline that say “only looking for friends”. FUCK NO YOU AREN’T. You just don’t wanna seem slutty. This leads me to my next code of conduct:

2. Be honest on what you want in your headline or about you

Going off of what was previously stated, you have to really be honest with what you want when you get on there. You can mislead a lot of good nice guys out there who just want to find a friend by asking to “hang out” or “meet up” and half way through a dinner you let your thirsty ass out by trying to kiss them or do something inappropriate. They totally freak and the awkwardness ensues.

3. Block the people who annoy or make you feel uncomfortable.

That’s what the block button is for. For some apps there’s a flag button which notifies moderators to keep an eye out for certain offenders who don’t know how to take no for an answer. I never use this button because the block button deals with them and you never have to be bothered by them again. Also, make sure you don’t become one of those guys by following my next rule.

4. Resist the urge to mass message people

I know there are moments when you totally want to just hop on a cock or get laid and you send out a mass messaging spree of “hey wassups” or “hey you looking” (which are cheesy and usually lead to stupid conversations that consists of one-liners like “bored” or “horny?”). It’s not classy when you send out a bunch to the same guys every week cuz you get the morning woods or late night nookie cravings. It’s different when you’ve established hook ups in the past but when I get the same messages from the same guy on a routine basis that I never respond to it makes you seem desperate and unattractive.

5. Delete hook up apps and websites when you have a boyfriend.

Nothing worse than hooking up with someone and finding out half way through it he has a boyfriend who is unaware of his shady under cover sexcapades. Or getting caught being the one who he’s cheating on his boyfriend with. Delete the app. You don’t need it. It builds trust and commitment to the person your with when you do delete it.